Hello. This is the new Clash Royale Chest Tracker app with a deck for you peeps today.

This app today has the miner and princess. This deck is a chip cycle deck as well as is primarily defensive. You have to chip with the miner, princess, heating system spirits, and also fireball. This deck is really excellent on defense. This deck is very bothersome and also enjoyable to play! The princess can’t be replaced by anything yet you could try ice wiz or archers. Miner is a must have. Let’s get to the deck!

Miner: Great mini container. could eliminate support troops and also princess very well. Never ever actually want to utilize him on defense unless determined circumstances. Clutch minutes with the miner is constantly incredible.

Princess: Great for cracking as well as dealing damage to sustain units. kills all of those pesky minion hordes and skeletons armies for your miner.Chest Tracker app

Zap (or log) I utilize zip because I do not have a log, but if you do utilize it! This deck already has lots of air sprinkle so a log is good for breaking as well as a ground dash. Very functional.

Furnace: This block stove pancake maker is fantastic at wiping out tiny soldiers and also breaking the enemy’s towers. Also an excellent defense against hog and also giants. Place this behind you towers or in front of your king tower. If the opponent in some way eliminates your snake pit tower, the heater is your additional line of defense.

Snakepit tower: Best defense in the game. It shuts down tanks and also one of the most disliked card (in my opinion) the royal titan. Remember placement is crucial.


Great for getting rid of barbarians, minion hordes, and also the hazardous 3 musketeers.

mega minion: Among one of the most OP cards in the meta now. This flying man bargains tons of damage as well as has more hp than its minion brothers. Paired with the miner, it could deal tons of damage to the tower.

skeletal system military: After its aficionado, this card is pass on one of the best defensive and offensive cards in the deck. It deals huge damage per hit (damage per skeletal system). At event criterion, if all the skeletal systems hit a target when (all 16) the target obtains 1072 damage! This card is not to be overlooked. It is also an excellent log bait so the princess can be untouched.

This deck is effective versus the majority of various other decks up until around arena 7. This deck gradually weakens the adversary tower over time so a long game is to be expected and also one crown victories are not uncommon. For optimum performance, you must always have a heater behind your tower( preferably 2) as the fire spirits are essential in defense and presses. The majority of these pushes need to be made up of spear goblins and fire spirits from both the furnace and also card due to the fact that they economical and also if they stop working, the fire spirits will substantially damage your challenger’s next attack. As constantly, skeleton military, as well as fire spirits, are a terrific counter to containers. Even though the baby dragon is a card best left for protection, if you discover your opponent using cards such as wizard as well as a princess, you may wish to think about using him offensively as well. Given that this deck can conveniently be responded to with zipping, it is sometimes beneficial to send out infant dragon as well as minions alongside your push. As well as possibly the very best feature of this deck is the low typical option price at only 2.9. This deck isn’t really perfect but must function well for those having a hard time to locate a deck that works for them.


In the beginning, I take down minor or princess or both! This combination could deal great deals of damages just because of the princess cracking away. Then, I placed the heater to kill all the troops the opponent made use of to respond to the minor (normally mega minion). Cycle miner and throw fireballs often to chip the tower.

On defense use your inferno tower to kill any kind of containers. Usage army as well as a huge minion for support soldiers. Lots of people zap inferno towers. Use this to your advantage and also drop the skeletal system military to kill the storage tank. Another great method is when your snake pit burns down a tank, go down a princess at the bridge. Anything the enemy utilizes to counter it will certainly just obtain melted by the snake pit.

Usage minor fireball commonly. I as soon as used mine fireball on a wizard beside the enemies tower, as well as right as I put the fireball, the enemy placed a minion crowd to counter the miner. Great elixir profession! Anyway, attempt the deck. It’s enjoyable and also great in the ladder and also tournaments.